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Welcome to the summer 2015 edition of El Cielo, highlighting the more visible movements of the heavenly objects above Todos Santos from June through September.

June – 1st - full moon and Saturn less than 1º apart rise at sunset with the beautiful constellation Scorpius below.
8th – Earliest sunrise of the year.
17th – possible new moon, sets at 9:12.
21st - Summer Solstice 10:37 AM, sun reaches maximum declination of 23.435º north.
28th – Waxing gibbous moon and Saturn again, this time less than 2 º apart.

Star notes: Omega Centauri is a great fuzzy ball at 18º of altitude in the south (southwest end of June) at sunset – a great binocular or telescope target.

July – 3rd – Latest sunset of the year.
12th - Waning Crescent moon rises at about 4 am with Aldebaran < 3º away
16th – Possible new moon visible with luck and good optical aids. Let me know if you see it. Much easier on the 17th.
18th – New moon special with Venus just 1º above right and Jupiter 6º lower right.
25th/26th – Saturn and the moon closer together all night until they set just after 2 AM

August – 13th - Perseid Meteor Maximum - Our usual big summer meteor shower always runs from the later part of July until late August. The peak this year is supposed to be during early morning hours of the 13th and there will be no moon, a rare treat!! Hope for clear weather!.
15th – New moon sighting possible with perfect conditions, much easier on the 16th.
22nd – ¼ moon and Saturn set together in the evening.

September – 5th – moon rises around midnight less than 2º from Aldebaran,.
10th – Venus rises with the waning crescent moon in the East before sunrise
14th – Odile anniversary! And a possible new moon, 43 hours old…
23rd – Equinox when we pass through the Sun’s equatorial plane.
27th – Total Lunar Eclipse on the largest full moon night of the year! It will rise for us partially eclipsed, with totality starting just after 8 PM and lasting over an hour. Enjoy.
28th – Equilux – same length day and night. For more information, check out the web links below.

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Links of interest:
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Zodiacal Light - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zodiacal_light
Time - http://www.time.gov/ and http://www.worldtimeserver.com/
Satellites - http://www.heavens-above.com/ user “elcielots” password “journal” Weekly Sky Report - http://www.griffithobs.org/skyreport.html
Saturn – http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/home/index.cfm


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